Dino’s Galactic Adventure

Interactive bookshelf for public library in Taman Ismail Marzuki that was made to attract children attention. Created like a big book that displays children best book of the week. This installa- tion was aimed to reduce the second lowest reading rate in Indonesia over the world, with the theme “Reading from early age” for this installation.

This book is equipped with interesting copywriting for children through this installation children can develop their imagination including cartoon images for the cover themed “Dinosaurs roaming the galaxy”.

This promotional media amis to promote the public library in Taman Ismail Marzuki because many people don't know about this library.

The concept of this promotional media that uses glass, to attract parents when passing by the highway. They will be interested and invite their children to go to the library and read books there. Created invisibility and in the middle of the city so that it can follow the color of the sky.

Matahari Revamping

Modern, trendy, seamless

Revamping Matahari is aimed to make the consumer more efficient, not distinguished by brand but the clothes are displayed on the basis of differences in formal and casual clothes.

Create a creative means to increase Matahari’s sales through ‘Store Revamping’ and ‘Rebranding’. Our goals are incorporated to appeal and attract our new target market (teenagers and young adults) and also differentiate us from our competitors. Matahari is a brand that sells various types of human needs, but they don't arrange it well and focus on what they are supposed to sell.